Great Wall Holdings' hydrogen energy industry has established a world-class hydrogen energy, fuel cell system and vehicle technology R&D team of 600 people. The expert team is composed of industry elites from Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, the United States and China. Most of them have more than ten years of work experience in fuel cells, hydrogen storage, hydrogenation, hydrogen production, hydrogen transport technology, vehicle integration and other fields, and have the ability to develop and deploy cost-competitive fuel cell drives for various applications.

In December 2021, the signing ceremony of the A-round financing of FTXT Energy Technology, the main body of the hydrogen energy industry of Great Wall Holdings, was successfully held in Shanghai. The total financing amount was 900 million yuan, and the post-investment valuation exceeded 4 billion yuan, which renewed the two records of the A-round financing scale and valuation level of Chinese hydrogen fuel cell companies, ranking the forefront of the same industry in China. The funds raised in this round will be mainly used for mass production capacity expansion, next-generation product development and continuous investment in forward-looking technology research to accelerate the marketization of hydrogen fuel cells.