Recently, the right-hand drive version of Nezha V was officially launched and delivered in Bhutan, bringing high-quality and green travel services to Bhutanese consumers, and accelerating the popularization of new energy vehicles in the local area.

In recent years, the Bhutan government has actively promoted the development of green energy and launched a number of policies to encourage the development of pure electric vehicles. It is expected that by 2035, the market share of new energy vehicles in Bhutan will reach 95%.

As the dealer partner of Nezha in Bhutan, KUENPHEN MOTORS opened the first Nezha store in Yanbu, the capital city. KUENPHEN MOTORS chose to establish cooperation with Nezha and introduce the Nezha V right-hand drive version, showing its high recognition for the product strength of Nezha V right-hand drive version.

In the SUV market with the most fierce competition for pure electric vehicles in China, the Nezha V series has won the sales champion for 10 consecutive months, and continues to lead the market segment. After landing in Bhutan, the Nezha V right-hand drive version may continue the domestic hot momentum and reshape the new energy vehicle market in Bhutan.

Since 2022, Nezha's overseas strategy has accelerated. From the establishment of a subsidiary in Thailand and its debut at the Thailand Auto Show to the launch of the Nezha V right-hand drive version in Thailand, Nepal and Bhutan, the brand influence of Nezha in South Asia and ASEAN has been greatly enhanced. In the future, Nezha will accelerate the expansion of its global footprint, and consolidate the global influence of China's intelligent manufacturing in the field of intelligence and new energy.