On November 25, Geely Xingyue L Hi·P range-extended electric SUV was officially launched, priced at 239,700 to 253,700 yuan, based on the e-CMA architecture, equipped with a 1.5T plug-in hybrid system , CLTC pure electric drive can reach a maximum battery life of 205km, WLTC pure electric drive extended range battery life is 1250km, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 5.3L. ", is an extended-range electric SUV that makes the new car manufacturers panic.

Xingyue L Hi·P innovatively integrates three technologies to meet all scenarios of electric travel for users.

Based on the "e-CMA" intelligent super-electric architecture, Geely Xingyue L Hi·P is equipped with a standard 41.2kWh CTP flat-panel battery, a world-leading range extender with a thermal efficiency of 43.32%, and the world's first 3-speed variable frequency electric drive "DHT Pro" "Super three-electric technology" and has three electric technologies of "pure electric, hybrid electric, and extended-range electric" at the same time, fully covering all the needs of users for electric travel.

The Xingyue L Hi·P extended-range electric SUV is equipped with a hybrid system consisting of a 1.5T engine + electric motor, and is equipped with a 41.2kWh CTP flat-panel battery as standard. The WLTC pure electric battery life is 205km, which is longer than the 168km battery life of the ideal L8 and the 150km battery life of the Wenjie M5. Many of them can be used as pure electric vehicles, which can fully meet the needs of urban transportation.

At the same time, Xingyue L Hi·P has a unique full-range "electric drive series lock", and the WLTC working condition has a battery life of 1250km. Users can choose to travel completely with "extended range electric". The electric mileage reaches 1250km. Xingyue L Hi・P is equipped with three-speed "inverter electric drive DHT Pro" as standard. Through Thor's intelligent energy management technology, it realizes full-speed parallel connection and three-speed electric drive. The electric-hybrid comprehensive battery life can reach up to 1300km.

It is worth mentioning that Xingyue L Hi・P comes standard with DC fast charging, and Xingyue L extended-range electric version comes standard with up to 85kW DC fast charging. It only takes 27 minutes to charge the battery from 30% to 80%. At the same time, the Xingyue L extended-range electric version has high, medium, low + automatic four-speed energy recovery function, which converts kinetic energy into electric energy during taxiing or braking to improve battery life.

Xingyue L Hi・P continues the design of the current Xingyue L Raytheon Hi・F version, and fine-tunes the style of the front fog lights to improve vehicle recognition. The shape of the headlights on both sides is quite satisfactory, and it looks calm and grand when matched with the front air intake grille. A charging port is added to the rear fender on the left side of the body, and a new plug-in hybrid logo is also added to the lower right corner of the tailgate.

Xingyue L Hi・P also has three electric technologies of "pure electric, hybrid electric, and extended-range electric", which accelerates Geely Automobile's transformation to "smart electrification" and breaks the inherent definition of electric vehicles. At the same time, the listing of Xingyue L Hi·P is an important signal that traditional car companies have begun to penetrate into the core areas of new car-making forces and have begun to fight back, which may rewrite the existing pattern of the new energy electric vehicle market.