On July 3, BYD officially released a business report, showing that it sold 646,000 units vehicles in the first half of this year, up by 162.03% year on year.

In June alone, its sales volume stood at 134,036 units, up by 162.7% year on year and up by 17.39% month on month. Its sales volume of passenger vehicles registered at 133,762 units (DM: 64,218 units; EV: 69,544 units), up by 168.8% year on year.

BYD flagship sedan, Han Dynasty sold 25,439 units in June and over 250,000 units from January to June, up by 386% year on year. Han Dynasty has also become the first domestically made vehicle with its price exceeding 200,000 RMB and its sales volume surpassing 200,000 units.

BYD Tang Dynasty recorded a sales volume of 8,134 units in June and over 340,000 units from January to June this year. Tang Dynasty EV 2022 officially made its debut in June this year.Its sales immediately skyrocketed with an annual growth rate of 837.1%.

BYD Song Dynasty recorded a sales volume of 32,077 units in June. So far, Song Dynasty has sold 1.21 million units. Song Dynasty DM series increased by 386.6% year on year.

BYD Qin Dynasty recorded a sales volume of 26,623 units in June. Qin Dynasty PLUS EV saw its sales jump by 163.8% year on year.

BYD Yuan Dynasty sold 19,731 units and Yuan Dynasty PLUS saw its sales increase by 45.3% year on year in June.

BYD Dolphin sold 10,376 units in June, up by 61.4% month on year. So far, the total sales volume of the vehicle has exceeded 80,000 units.

BYD Destroyer 05, equipped with DM-I super hybrid technology, made its debut on March 17 this year. In June, the vehicle sold 7,464 units, up by 63.8% year on year.