NIO provided 906,056 battery swap services during the half-month around the Chinese New Year holiday, with a single-day high of 62,356 services, according to a post the company made on its app.

January 21 to January 27 is China's just-passed New Year holiday, and the week before it is usually the peak travel period for the population. The figures for NIO cover the period from January 13 to January 29. From January 13 to February 5, all of NIO's battery swap stations along the highway are open to vehicle owners free of charge, for unlimited use, and operate 24 hours a day. From January 13 to January 29, NIO's battery swap stations along highways provided a total of 282,850 free services.

Compared to other electric vehicles that take an average of one hour to charge, these free services from NIO saved drivers 259,279 hours of highway travel time, the company said.

Between January 13 and January 29, NIO vehicles traveled a total of 276,699,061 kilometers, with a total of 8,444,119 hours of driving time and a cumulative reduction in carbon emissions of 18,190 tons.

Cumulative deliveries of NIO vehicles as of December 31, 2022 were 289,556.

January 16 was the peak travel day for NIO owners before the Chinese New Year holiday, and January 29 was another post-holiday travel peak. Shanghai saw the most NIO vehicles driving out, followed by Hangzhou and Suzhou. The cities that saw the most NIO vehicles driving in were Suzhou, Jiaxing, and Shaoxing.

NIO owners drove a total of 39,135,610 kilometers and drove a total of 451,835 hours while using the NIO Pilot assisted driving system. NIO's virtual voice assistant, NOMI, communicated with users 42,286,109 times during this period.

NIO's 13,629 charging piles in China provided 646,903 services from January 13 to January 29, with 75 percent of the power serving other brands of EVs. During this period, NIO provided a cumulative total of 11,681 flexible battery upgrades. The service allows models purchased with a standard range 70/75-kWh battery pack to temporarily upgrade to a 100-kWh pack.