Tesla is offering additional benefits to buyers of the new Model S and Model X while increasing the prices of the two models in China. Starting May 5, consumers who order a new Model S or Model X and have the vehicle delivered on or before September 30 will receive three years of free supercharging benefits, according to information on Tesla's China website.

The benefits apply only to the buyer's Tesla account where the order is placed and may not be shared with any other vehicle under that account or transferred to any other vehicle or account, the information shows. The benefit also terminates if the vehicle is transferred to another person, Tesla said.

If the order date is met, but the delivery date is after September 30, the consumer will not be able to receive the benefit. The vehicle must be a non-operating vehicle to qualify for this benefit, otherwise the vehicle cannot acquire or maintain this benefit.

For existing Model S and Model X owners, if they buy the new Model S and Model X, they will receive 6 years of free supercharging benefits.

Prices for the full lineup of new Model S and Model X models in China were raised today by RMB 19,000, or about 2 percent, according to the latest information on Tesla's China website. On May 2, Tesla raised the prices of the full lineup of Model 3 and Model Y in China by RMB 2,000, or less than 1 percent. The Model 3 now starts at RMB 231,900 in China, the Model Y at RMB 263,900, the Model S at RMB 808,900 and the Model X at RMB 898,900.