Affected by factors such as the Spring Festival holiday in February, the Chinese car market saw a decline in February. However, on February 19th, BYD started a new round of price cuts, which had a certain stimulating effect on the car market in February.

Among many models, BYD Qin PLUS Glory Edition has shown good performance. With its affordable price of 79,800 yuan, it quickly attracted the attention of a large number of consumers. Finally, the model ended with 27,851 sales, successfully representing Chinese independent brands to top the sales chart of compact sedans this period. At the same time, this car is also the only model with sales exceeding 20,000 in this period, with a gap of nearly 8,000 units from the second-placed Xuanyi. However, it is believed that the sales of Qin PLUS Glory Edition will continue to rise in March.

The second-ranked Xuanyi sold 19,878 retail units in February, also ranking first among fuel sedans. Volkswagen's Lavida and Sagitar sold 14,400 and 14,209 units respectively, ranking third and fourth. The fifth place is Geely Starui, with a retail sales of 9,746 units in February. Every time I see the strong selling price of this car, I feel proud of the progress of independent A-class sedans.

Looking at the overall changes in the sixth to tenth places on the list, they are Chang'an Yidong, Geely Emgrand, Dongfeng Honda Civic, FAW-Volkswagen Bora, and Chery Arrizo 8, which further prove that domestic sedans are rising one after another, bringing significant changes to consumers' car purchase choices.

From the perspective of ranking, the biggest change is Toyota Corolla. In January 2024, it ranked 11th in the A-class sedan market with sales of 13,921 units. However, in February, the model fell to 30th place with only 2,743 retail sales.