In the field of commercial vehicles, or more specifically, in the field of minibuses and small cargo trucks for starting a business, Wuling Hongguang is an unshakeable leader. Entering the new era of new energy, it is imperative to make Wuling Hongguang electric. However, from a macro perspective, it is far from enough to electrify just one model. We must have a long-term layout and vision. Starting from Yangguang, Wuling has created the "pioneering work" of new energy commercial vehicles.

Wuling Yangguang offers users an "ultra-reliable, ultra-capable, and ultra-easy-to-drive" driving experience with three major product strengths: the Wuling Hong No. 1 battery, a super-large cargo compartment of 6.5m³, and a driver-level cockpit.

Wuling Yangguang is the first model to be equipped with the Wuling Hong No. 1 battery, which is deeply developed by Wuling Automobile. It offers two range options of 200km and 300km for customers to choose from. This battery adopts multiple innovative battery technologies such as the first-in-class liquid cooling technology, MUST ultra-thin structure technology, and the best-in-class durable battery cell technology, achieving the advantages of more efficient energy replenishment, longer battery life, and lower maintenance costs. It takes only 30 minutes to charge the battery from 30% to 80%, winning precious time for entrepreneurs on the road to prosperity.

A commercial vehicle must be able to "carry". Of course, Wuling Yangguang is "ultra-capable" - with a super-large cargo compartment of 6.5m³, it adopts the industry's first 270° large four-six split tailgate and is equipped with a side sliding door. The tailgate threshold is lower than 600mm, making it easy to cope with scenarios such as narrow alley handling and forklift loading and unloading. The overall vehicle size is 498518001975mm, with a wheelbase of 3050mm and a load capacity of 1249kg. At the same time, the new car is equipped with 195/70 R15 12P load-bearing tires and a 60kW high-power motor, making it capable of carrying heavy loads and climbing slopes.