BYD Yuan UP, the first A0-level pure electric SUV equipped with the e-platform 3.0, officially debuted on March 26, 2024. This model attempts to integrate practicality, cost-effectiveness, and BYD's highly skilled battery technology into one, and enters the market with a price tag below 100,000 yuan.

BYD Yuan UP offers three models for customers to choose from, with official prices ranging from 96,800 yuan to 119,800 yuan. "5 Goodness and 1 Star" represents the solid strengths of BYD Yuan UP—attractive, fun, easy to drive, easy to park, and safe constitute the "5 Goodness", while the "1 Star" refers to the star platform, the e-platform 3.0.

The star performer, e-platform 3.0, is characterized by high integration, high power density, and high efficiency. Thanks to the wide temperature range efficient heat pump system, the lowest power consumption per 100 kilometers is only 12 kWh. The CTB battery-to-body integration technology enables the vehicle to have better spatial performance and stronger NVH performance.

The "fun" Yuan UP is equipped with the DiLink intelligent networking system across the board. Not only is the vehicle's infotainment system "fun," but the 2620mm wheelbase also provides ample space inside the car, making daily driving and riding even more enjoyable.

The "easy-to-drive" Yuan UP has a CLTC comprehensive working condition pure electric range exceeding 400km and a zero-to-hundred acceleration of only 7.9s. Features like the 8-inch W-HUD head-up display system, built-in ETC, L2-level intelligent assisted driving system, and intelligent power braking system (IPB) make driving even more effortless.

BYD Yuan UP transforms the "Yuan" from the Dynasty series into the "UP" Yuan, with "UP" representing a positive and upward attitude. The target audience is aimed at young people full of positive energy who embrace the spirit of "DAY DAY UP". Coupled with its affordable price, it is believed that this model will shake up the A0-level pure electric SUV market and has the potential to become a blockbuster product in this segment.