As the world's largest new energy market, China's commercial vehicle sector boasts the most complex and segmented application scenarios globally. Driven by the low-carbon trend, more and more subdivisions, ranging from passenger buses, trucks to VAN models, are experiencing the opportunities and transformations brought by the development of new energy.

On April 3rd, Geely Remote Commercial Vehicle, which is thriving in the new energy market, unveiled its new product - the Remote Super VAN. This is the world's first electric large VAN model developed from the outset, with a starting price of  RMB128,800 yuan, aiming to break the value ceiling of light passenger vehicles and redefine the VAN category in the era of electrification.

Based on different user scenarios, the new vehicle offers four models, including the "Wealth Creation Edition" tailored for the logistics market, priced from RMB128,800 yuan; the "Smart Wealth Edition" that meets multi-functional needs, priced from RMB156,800 yuan; the "Joy Journey Edition" designed for business travel, priced from RMB254,800 yuan; and the groundbreaking customized model X-VAN, priced from RMB388,800 yuan.

According to data, in January 2024, the total sales of new energy logistics vehicles in China were 18,221 units (excluding heavy trucks and pickups), a year-on-year increase of 375.62%. Among them, the monthly sales of new energy VAN models totaled 10,756 units, a year-on-year increase of 295.88%.

As a large VAN model designed for urban scenarios, ultimate functionality is the most prominent feature of the VAN category.

The Remote Super VAN boasts a body width of 1980mm and offers three body lengths of 4990mm, 5490mm, and 5995mm, as well as three body heights of 1980mm, 2180mm, and 2500mm to choose from. Configurations such as electronic shift lever, hidden drawer in the center console, widened and anti-slip step design, 60W fast charging port, and 3.3kW 220V external power discharge system provide users with a unique high-quality experience unique to the new generation of electric large VANs.

Based on a forward-looking electric architecture, the vehicle boasts a larger interior space with a maximum internal space of 13.2 cubic meters. While offering ample space, the Remote Super VAN also features a large tailgate and side door design. The vehicle comes standard with a 180° split tailgate and an optional 270° split tailgate, with an overall side opening of up to 2.1m and a side sliding door opening of up to 1.3m.