Huawei LUXEED S7, is a brand-new intelligent electric car. This vehicle is equipped with Huawei's self-developed HarmonyOS, featuring various intelligent driving and connectivity functions such as automatic parking, autonomous driving assistance, and in-car AI assistant. Additionally, the LUXEED S7 is equipped with multiple cameras and sensors for environmental perception and driving assistance functions. Overall, the Smart Selection S7 represents Huawei's foray into the smart car domain, aiming to provide a more intelligent and convenient travel experience.

On April 11th, the first intelligent sedan from Huawei, LUXEED S7 was unveiled at the HarmonyOS Spring Communication Meeting. The product has been upgraded and the price is more attractive. LUXEED S7 launched five versions, priced from 249,800 yuan to 349,800 yuan. In terms of product upgrades, the LUXEED S7's battery capacity has been upgraded to 82 kWh, and all models now have a range of over 700km+, with the longest range reaching 855km. Additionally, the LUXEED S7debuts Huawei Vision Smart Driving, with the Pro version equipped with HUAWEI ADS Basic Edition, allowing for NCA intelligent driving assistance on national highways and city expressways without relying on LiDAR.

Furthermore, the LUXEED S7also introduced a renewal benefit worth 30,000 yuan, including a 6,000 yuan interior customization voucher, a 3,000 yuan MagLink tablet package, a 20,000 yuan Huawei ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving benefit package, and a 1,000 yuan delivery gift box (including a sunshade and more). Additionally, Huawei has thoughtfully provided car owner care, including a 3,000 yuan MagLink tablet package and a 10,000 yuan cash gratitude red envelope. Unboxing the Smart Selection S7, the exterior design shines with highlights.

In terms of appearance, the LUXEED S7 features a new One-Box design, following Huawei's ultimate, pure, and minimalist aesthetic principles. The front end integrates the headlamps, air curtains, and side air curtains into an All-in-One design, creating a sharper visual effect for the headlights. Notably, the LUXEED S7 comes standard with a super-wide-angle lighting system that widens the beam width from 25 meters to 50 meters for the first 5 meters ahead, doubling the coverage and providing better safety at night. The dimensions of the car place the LUXEED S7 in the mid-size sedan category, with lengths, widths, and heights of 4971/1963/1461mm and a wheelbase of 2950mm. Comparatively, the LUXEED S7's size is similar to the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S. With outstanding performance, it heralds the era of dual 800s.

In terms of power, the LUXEED S7 is powered by the new generation HUAWEI DriveONE 800V silicon carbide golden power platform, offering the choice of a single-motor rear-wheel drive or dual-motor all-wheel drive. The rear-wheel-drive version has a maximum power of 215kW, while the all-wheel-drive model adds a front asynchronous motor, delivering a combined power of 365kW, peak torque of 679N·m, an official acceleration time of 3.3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, and a braking distance of just 33.5 meters from 100-0 km/h, showcasing the performance advantages of electric vehicles.