Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago - Recently, BYD celebrated the grand opening of its first dealership in the Caribbean, located in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. This landmark event drew a crowd of over 200, including esteemed guests from politics, commerce, media, influencers, and BYD car owners. Among the attendees were Fang Qiu, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Trinidad and Tobago, and Randall Mitchell, the Minister of Tourism, Culture, and the Arts of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, who graced the ceremony with their presence.

The inaugural store embodies the design philosophy conceived by Gensler, marked by sleek and fluid lines that bestow a unique and distinct aesthetic identity, aligning with BYD’s forward-thinking. Of particular note, the rapid completion of this new venue within an impressive four-month span establishes a new benchmark for swift retail outlet construction across the Caribbean region. The space, meticulously divided into areas for negotiation, a boutique exhibition, and the iconic BYD Dream Bar, offers customers cozy environments tailored to provide an immersive automotive purchase experience.

At the event, BYD unveiled its comprehensive model lineup to the local market, showcasing standout vehicles such as BYD YUAN PLUS, BYD DOLPHIN, and BYD E6, with particular attention drawn to the flagship model BYD SEAL. This premium sedan embodies a dynamic and stylish design, encapsulating BYD’s Ocean Aesthetic design language. The guests were treated to hands-on experiences of the innovative karaoke system and VTOL discharge capabilities of BYD’s new energy vehicles, sparking widespread appreciation for the sophisticated design and smart technology.

As of now, BYD has introduced a range of new energy vehicle models in the Caribbean, solidifying its footprint across several nations, including Jamaica and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Looking ahead, BYD is committed to deepening its collaboration with local dealerships, leveraging advanced technologies and upholding rigorous quality standards to present a comprehensive lineup of new energy products to consumers, thereby accelerating the shift towards sustainable transportation within these island communities.