At the 11th International Intelligent Connected Vehicles Technology Conference, Zhang Xiaoyu, Executive Vice President of Changan Automobile, highly praised Huawei's autonomous driving system, noting its potential to surpass human driving capabilities. Huawei is recognized as one of the most technologically advanced companies in the field of intelligent driving, participating in the creation of models like AITO M9, AITO M7, AITO M5, ZhiJie S7, Avita 11, and Avita 12, all equipped with impressive autonomous driving capabilities.

Recently, CNMO reported on Zhang Xiaoyu's comments, emphasizing Huawei's advancements in autonomous driving systems. Zhang highlighted several key advantages: Huawei's current computing power with the MDC 610 boasting 200 TOPS dense computing compared to Tesla's 72 TOPS*2 dense computing, enabling faster processing and reduced latency in handling large-scale models; Huawei's BEV+GOD fusion strategy prepared for data collection and closed-loop operation, refined through meticulous rule-based polishing, providing robust end-to-end capabilities; and Huawei's use of a combination of LiDAR and various sensors to achieve comprehensive environmental perception, ensuring superior safety in diverse driving scenarios compared to human drivers.

Huawei and Changan Automobile currently enjoy a close partnership, co-establishing Avita Motors with CATL. Data indicates Avita Motors delivered 4,569 new vehicles in May 2024, marking a 163% year-on-year increase. Particularly successful is the Avita 12, which sold 8,154 units from January to April this year.

Furthermore, in May this year, Changan Automobile announced ongoing progress in their investment and cooperation with Huawei. Both parties are actively negotiating key transaction terms, aiming to finalize the deal by August 31, 2024 to outline a specific timeline for their collaboration.