On June 19, Great Wall Motor held a new product conference to officially launch the new generation of Haval H6. Haval H6 was once regarded as a legendary model in China's SUV market, topping the domestic SUV sales list for 108 consecutive months. However, with the popularity of new energy vehicles and the intensification of market competition, Haval H6 has seen a significant decline in sales, with less than 10,000 units sold in April and dropping to beyond the top 20 in rankings. The newly launched next-generation Haval H6 has undergone extensive improvements and enhancements, aiming to potentially reverse its declining sales trend.

Currently, the new generation of the Haval H6 offers five versions with varying specifications and prices. The 1.5T Pro version is priced at 117,900 yuan, the 1.5T Max version at 123,900 yuan, and the 1.5T Ultra version at 131,900 yuan. For those preferring more power, the 2.0T 2WD Max version is available at 133,900 yuan, while the 2.0T 4WD Max version comes at 143,900 yuan. Customers who pre-order enjoy the benefit of a 99 yuan against a 3,000 yuan purchase price, which can be combined with other discounts. Thus, the new generation Haval H6 can be purchased starting from as low as 103,900 yuan.