On June 5th, Changan Automobile, in collaboration with the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI), successfully hosted the "Sourcing Day" event in Bangkok, Thailand. This event marked a significant step towards deepening and accelerating Changan's overseas development philosophy "long-term commitment, green and low-carbon initiatives, local operations, and mutually beneficial growth" in Thailand.

The event was present with over 300 Thai suppliers and more than 500 attendees. Changan Automotive reached cooperation intentions with over 70 suppliers, with over 80% of them being Thai-owned, showcasing the robust strength and potential of the local supply chain in Thailand. This grand gathering not only fulfills Changan's commitment to localized development in the Thai market but also highlights the high recognition from the Thai government and local enterprises towards Changan's brand strength and market performance.

Since entering the Thai market in November last year, Chang'an Motors has been steadily advancing in product layout, base construction, and team development. With its outstanding product quality and service, it has earned widespread recognition and sustained attention. Notably, the DEEPAL S07 secured the top spot in Thailand's April new energy vehicle sales. The construction of the Rongyong factory project has been steadily underway, expected to commence operations in the first quarter of 2025 with an initial capacity of 100,000 units, scaling up to 200,000 units subsequently. By the end of 2024, over 600 local employees will be hired, achieving a localization rate exceeding 80%, and aiming for 90% by 2026.

In the future, Chang'an Thailand will further deepen its localization strategy. By 2030, it plans to introduce at least 15 new products tailored for the local market, and enhance brand's competitiveness and product quality through local R&D and production. This commitment aims to deliver more technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, and intelligent mobility solutions for Southeast Asian consumers, fostering mutual success and a brighter future in collaboration with Thailand's diverse sectors.