As a representative brand in the domestic cross-border vehicle manufacturing field, Skyworth Automobile has gradually gained a foothold in the fiercely competitive market through a series of layouts in recent years. Meanwhile, it has been actively creating a full ecological layout and enhancing its influence in overseas markets. On March 6th, Skyworth Automobile held the 2024 Global Dealer Conference in Xuzhou, presenting its new energy development strategy and future plans to all, which allowed more people to see the vitality of Skyworth Automobile.

Strengthening the ecological technology layout, SKYHOME made another appearance.

With the increasing maturity of the new energy vehicle market, users have higher and higher requirements for the product strength of new energy vehicles. To provide users with a more perfect product experience, automotive companies must strengthen the construction of a comprehensive ecological layout. Range anxiety has always been the first major pain point for new energy vehicles. With the progress of technology, major automotive companies have recently shown their muscles in the field of ultra-fast charging. As the world's first enterprise to mass-produce "photovoltaic-storage-charging-vehicle" models, Skyworth Automobile also released the latest 800V ultra-high-voltage charging technology and Skyworth Lingguang ultra-fast charging system during this event. With the support of new technologies, Skyworth Automobile can achieve an ultra-fast charging performance of charging for 8 minutes and extending the range by 400km.

Continuously strengthening the global layout to help dealers achieve sustained win-win results.

With excellent technological products as the foundation, Skyworth Automobile will continue to strengthen its global market layout. In 2023, China became the world's largest exporter of automobiles, and the overseas expansion of Chinese automotive brands has also become the mainstream trend in the industry. In terms of overseas layout, Skyworth Automobile is one of the leaders among domestic brands, with the proportion of overseas market sales accounting for about half of its total sales. Of course, the excellent performance in overseas markets did not come overnight. Relying on Skyworth Group's more than 30 years of globalization experience and resources, Skyworth Automobile has created multiple operation models such as national agency mode, KD cooperation mode, and subsidiary mode, actively promoting the export of its products. Its models have been continuously selling well in more than 60 countries and regions, including Germany, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Next, in terms of overseas market layout, Skyworth Automobile will adhere to the core of "stabilizing the foundation, going global, and expanding new markets". On the basis of stabilizing the domestic market, it will make full efforts to develop overseas markets, focusing on creating four major overseas markets centered on Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, and continuously expanding the influence of Skyworth Automobile's overseas expansion.