On April 9, 2024, Dongfeng VOYAH’s 100,000th new energy vehicle, the new VOYAH Dreamer, rolled off the production line with glory. Additionally, Dongfeng VOYAH will officially launch its brand in Italy and unveil a new overseas strategy at this year's Beijing Auto Show, accelerating its global journey and showcasing the elegance of China's high-end new energy vehicles to more users worldwide, delivering the strength and confidence of "Chinese autos, eye to eye with the world."

Marking a Milestone Achievement: The First 100,000 Units from a High-End New Energy Brand of the "National Team" in Automobile Manufacturing

In recent years, Dongfeng VOYAH's production and sales have accelerated rapidly, achieving a seven-month consecutive increase in monthly sales and exceeding 50,000 units in annual production and sales in 2023. Driven by the strong demand in the terminal market, Dongfeng Lantu has accumulated 100,000 units produced, demonstrating a "high-speed" of high-quality development.

Dongfeng VOYAH adheres to full-stack independent research and development of core technologies, successively introducing cutting-edge technologies such as the ESSA original intelligent electric architecture, the domestically leading "software-defined vehicle" Tianyuan architecture, and the first six-in-one super multi-mode hybrid technology, VOYAH Power, based on the pure electric platform. It is at the industry-leading level in multiple areas such as new energy vehicle platforms, three-electricity, electronic and electrical architecture, batteries, bodies, and chassis. Up to now, VOYAH Automobile has accumulated 3,006 patent applications, with 885 authorized patents, including 2,478 invention patents, accounting for 82.4%. Overseas patents have been laid out in 82 cases, mainly distributed in the fields of new energy, intelligent driving, and intelligent networking.

Dongfeng VOYAH Opens Up a New Chapter in Overseas Market

Currently, China's new energy vehicle production and sales have ranked first in the world for nine consecutive years. While achieving success domestically, China is actively "breaking waves" and going overseas. Shouldering the mission and responsibility of the "national team" in automobile manufacturing, VOYAH actively integrates into the new development pattern of domestic and international "double circulation." The VOYAH FREE and Lantu Dreamer have already started sales in Europe, and the VOYAH Pursuit has also made its appearance in Europe. Currently, it has entered Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and other European countries, and is about to land in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and other European countries, continuously expanding its overseas business territory.